eHealth Ventures and SCI Announce the Launch of CIDHI – a Digital Health Technology Hub in Shanghai
IPMP Researcher Develops Breakthrough Gene Therapy for Deafness
​Prof. Karen Avraham and her team at Tel Aviv University, along with colleagues from the Boston Children’s Hospital/Harvard, have discovered how to avert deafness in mice born with a rare genetic mutation. Using a harmless synthetic virus, in work done primarily by MD-PhD student Shahar Taiber, they replaced the defective gene with a healthy gene immediately after birth, thereby preventing damage. Avraham's work shows potential for curing people as well, specifically Iraqi Jews, among whom the mutation is also found. The breakthrough was written up in numerous publications, among them The Jerusalem Post and The Times of Israel.  

As part of the first cycle of Israel Precision Medicine Partnership grants, Prof. Avraham was awarded NIS 5 million in 2019. Her research was published last month in the medical journal EMBO Molecular Medicine. The full study is available for download below. 
​Tel-Aviv, Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Ophthalmic Sciences, the eyecare company and inventor of the IOPerfect™ intraocular pressure (IOP) tracking product, is honored to announce the joining of Prof. Dr. Med. David Goldblum to its Board.

Prof. Goldblum is a professor of ophthalmology at the university of Basel, Switzerland and conducts research in ophthalmology with an emphasis on pharmaceutical and medical device clinical trials, taking part in over one hundred published peer reviewed articles. In addition to his academic roles Prof. Goldblum is the Chief Medical Officer at the Pallas Clinics, the largest swiss eye clinic.

An ophthalmic surgeon specializing in glaucoma, oculoplasty, cornea and ocular pharmacology, Prof. Goldblum brings to the Ophthalmic Sciences Board of Directors meaningful professional, clinical and market expertise that is of significant value as the company enters the clinical and early commercial phases. Upon assuming his position Prof. Goldblum said “I look forward to become part of this exciting new technology and help to bring it to the market”.

Mr. Talor Sachs, the company’s Chairman noted on this occasion “as Ophthalmic Sciences is moving ahead in its clinical studies and preparing for commercialization of its groundbreaking solution, it is essential to connect to key opinion leaders with a deep knowledge and understanding of the glaucoma market. Their input on trends, unmet needs, solutions, pricing and regulation is valuable to the company and Prof. Goldblum is a world-renowned leader in this space. We are very grateful for his contribution”, while the company’s CEO, Mr. Ariel Weinstein added “Prof. Goldblum is a welcome addition to our team, a move that should increase our success likelihood. I look forward to working alongside David”.

The company has initiated a pilot study of the IOPerfect™ in January 2021 and plans to initiate its pivotal study as well as development of its eyecare tele-diagnostics suite product upon completion of its post-seed investment subscription.

About Ophthalmic Sciences:

Ophthalmic Sciences, a privately owned company established in 2019, is dedicated to harnessing AI-based image processing technology to address unmet needs in eyecare with a particular focus on tele-diagnosis. Ophthalmic Sciences operates within eHealth Ventures, a prominent digital health venture fund and incubator.

For more information contact ariel@op-sci.com.

Tel-Aviv, Shanghai – January 25th, 2021
eHealth Ventures (eHV) a leading Israeli investor in early-stage Digital Health companies and Shanghai Creation Investment (SCI) – a prominent VC and investment bank based in China have partnered with the Putuo Science and technology park to create CIDHI – the China Israel Digital Health Incubator.

CIDHI will serve as a technological and business Incubator focusing on the field of healthcare technology located within the China Israel Innovation Hub in the Putuo industrial park and will operate as a joint venture of SCI and eHV.

The Innovation Hub in Shanghai will play a key role in connecting innovative Israeli companies in the healthcare sector (biopharma, medical device and digital health) to strategic partners, funding sources, clinical study sites and HR talent within the Chinese market. In addition, some of the companies that will operate within CIDHI will be eligible for funding from the Putuo district government, as well as significant subsidies and discounts on rent, employment, regulatory guidance and additional elements essential for rapid development of their products on the way to commercialization in China.

This hands-on support and the location within the largest business hub in China will serve as a perfect platform for Israeli biopharma, medical devices and digital health companies that seek opportunities entering the Chinese market to communicate, cooperate and achieve aggressive progress towards launching of their innovative solutions.

IPMP Announces Call for Proposals for Third Cycle of the Israel Precision Medicine Partnership
The third cycle of the Israel Precision Medicine Partnership (IPMP) is now open for registration and submission of research proposals which will lead to a deeper understanding of human biology and the mechanisms of disease, and to the development of novel treatment and diagnostic approaches. Winners will be selected by international evaluation committees established by the ISF. For more information and the RFA, please click here

Registration deadline: February 7, 2021 at 13:00 (Jerusalem time)
Final submission deadline: February 21, 2021 at 13:00 (Jerusalem time)
The IPMP is administered and operated by the Israel Science Foundation (ISF), and relies upon pooled resources from the Planning & Budgeting Committee of the 
Council for Higher Education, the Digital Israel Initiative of the Ministry of Social Equality, Yad Hanadiv, and the Klarman Family Foundation (Boston). 
​Unmatched Assets
eHealth Ventures will leverage its position as the leading early-stage investor in Digital Health projects in Israel and will provide a steady stream of company candidates wishing to expand into the giant market embodied by China and the east. It will also provide access to medical excellence centers in Israel, innovation and incubation lessons learned from 4 years of successfully managing a technological incubator and a highly experienced staff with a focus on early-stage investments (CEO, Biz Dev, CMO, CTO, Counsel).

SCI will take advantage of its unmatched track record in the Chinese world of high-tech investments, its wide network of co-investors (angels, VCs, private equity funds, institutional), as well as its strong connections to leading medical centers (that will serve as design partners, market-need  and G2M consultants and pilot / clinical study sites) and its strong ties with the government and regulatory agencies, HR firms and local managerial and technical talent.

About eHealth Ventures:
eHealth Ventures is the leading early-stage Digital Health investor (VC and Incubator) in Israel and a partnership of multinational medical organizations, industry leaders and financial investors including Maccabi – Israel’s leading HMO, Amgen, Medison Ventures, SCI and others.

For more information contact ophir@ehv.health
How It Works
Israeli companies active in the Digital Health field and that are beyond initial proof of concept (clinical data, prototype, market traction) will be presented to the CIDHI team for review and assessment.  After due diligence and determination of the fit to the goals and infrastructure abilities of CIDHI, they will be connected to a local strategic champion and manager who will accompany the process of “soft landing” in the park and connections to the relevant partners and funding sources. Following registration of a china-based subsidiary, the activity can begin within 30 days, and significant govt. and other funding will be available.

Mr. Donald Tang, Founder and CEO of SCI said: “We are proud to be long term partners of eHealth Ventures. As an investor in this successful Israeli incubator we have accompanied their growth and seen the high level of innovative companies in their portfolio. Connecting these and other promising Israeli companies to the Chinese market is a natural stage in unlocking their commercial potential and bringing their products to a wide user base after validating the solutions in the top medical centers in China.”

Mr. Talor Sax, CEO of eHealth Ventures, commented on the transaction: “Israel is a terrific “sand box” for developing groundbreaking solutions in the Digital health space. However, we are fully aware that the real target markets are elsewhere – China, the East, Europe. As experienced investors in this highly prmismig sector, we need to build a bridge between these companies and their target markets. SCI is the best natural partner for this endeavor and their experienced team, deep knowledge of the market and vast network will build real value to all these companies”

About eHealth Ventures
eHealth Ventures is the leading early-stage Digital Health investor in Israel. It is a partnership of multinational medical organizations, industry leaders and financial investors. Partners include Maccabi – Israel’s leading HMO, Amgen – a global biotechnology leader, Medison Ventures – the venture arm of a major pharmaceutical distributor and the Israeli Innovation Authority – the government agency overseeing and funding innovation in Israel.

Over 4 years of activity the multidisciplinary and experienced eHV team has reviewed over 1,200 companies in the field and the fund has invested in 14 innovative ventures with a focus on Digital Diagnostics, Digital Therapeutics and Home Care.

Contact:  ophir@ehv.health

Founded in 2006 and reorganized in 2009, Shanghai Creation Investment (SCI) is both an active VC fund and an investment bank in China. Deeply rooted in Shanghai, SCI has expanded its presence internationally into USA and Israel over a decade of rapid development. SCI has successfully helped over 40 Chinese firms in private placement, M&A, or public offerings. The total amount of private placements is over 5 Billion RMB.

Additionally, SCI has successfully assisted 6 American and Israeli healthcare start-ups raising capital in China/HK/USA and made significant investments into these companies, along with selected strategic investors. SCI now has connections to over 50 physicians in top-10 hospitals that are working with as advisors, assisting the portfolio companies to plan and execute clinical trials in China.

Contact: bd@scivcgroup.com

Both parties will contribute deal flow, assets, experience and capabilities to provide full support to Israeli companies aiming to perform clinical studies, raise funds and commercialize HealthTech products in China

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