eHealth Ventures Invests in Skelekinetics, an AI-Driven Wearable Solution for Lower Back Pain
Tel Aviv, March 2nd, 2022

eHealth Ventures is proud to invest in their newest incubator company Skelekinetics, whose innovative technology is transforming the treatment and prevention of chronic mechanical lower back pain. Based on data-driven algorithms and predictive markers, Skelekinetics has developed a unique digital medical device that can identify, analyze, and actively treat the functional sources of lower back pain.

Skelekinetics’s premier product is their L-PACT, a digital wearable device that applies adaptive corrective pressures on certain anatomical focal points for re-balancing the low back distribution load axis. The L-PACT targets the functional mechanical source of chronic low back pain. This device is a revolutionary wearable medical training device that assesses the patient in real-time and auto-trains the body's own neurological regulation to balance and readjust postural function.

This innovative device allows patients and caregivers to address the underlying mechanical cause of lower back pain instead of simply addressing symptoms. The L-PACT automation and digital properties allow the option of remote treatment.

Skelekinetics is led by founders Ami Eyal, D.C., a Chiropractor and an expert in spinal neuro- biomechanics, and Asher Castiel, Ph.D., an expert in scientific and clinical research as well as in business development. Asher and Ami share their excitement on the recent partnership with eHealth Ventures, explaining “we are excited to begin the journey with our partners at eHV, to revolutionize the way of treating chronic low back pain, the world's most prevalent malady”.

eHealth Ventures is enthusiastic about its investment in Skelekinetics as a portfolio company. eHealth Ventures, VP Ophir Shahaf, shares on this new portfolio company “As part of our last innovation event which attracted over 50 applications, we reviewed some game-changing technologies that can affect daily quality of life for patients within major markets. Treatment of back pain is a classic example of a segment in need of innovation – and the Skelekinetics team brings many years of experience, talent, and commitment. We will provide funding as well as development, strategic and other support to make sure they reach their target markets soon”.

About eHealth Ventures:

The eHealth Ventures partnership is a leading investor in early-stage digital health companies. It includes 2 VC funds and a technological incubator with an exclusive focus on digital health and significant government non-dilutive funding. Partners include Maccabi (a leading Israeli HMO), Amgen (global biotech giant), the Mayo Clinic, Medison Ventures, Arad Investments, and the Hadar Group. The team has reviewed over 1,500 companies to date and invested in a portfolio of 17 highly innovative companies (digital diagnostics, therapeutics, home care, and Bioconvergence).

For additional information contact: info@ehv.health


Asher Castiel, CEO Skelekinetics: asher@skelekinetics.com

Ami Eyal, CMO Skelekinetics: ami@skelekinetics.com

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