RespirAI to Join eHealth Ventures as Newest Portfolio Company
Tel-Aviv, January, 4th, 2022

eHealth Ventures is proud to announce an investment in its latest portfolio company, RespirAI Medical, who is developing an innovative home monitoring AI platform to actively monitor patients suffering from multiple respiratory and other chronic diseases.

The mission of this game-changing device is to detect early exacerbations of chronic diseases, while enabling patients, their families, and care providers to improve disease management and patients' quality of life. RespirAI is led by CEO Nimrod Bin-Nun and CTO Assaf Gur, two seasoned entrepreneurs with combined professional experience of over 30 years.

RespirAI’s wearable device is based on a novel biomarker (BioCoupling) that synchronizes between the breathing and walking of the patients and combines lung and pulse activity (BioCoupling), which was grounded in novel research from the University of Nebraska. This investment in RespirAI marks the first eHealth Ventures portfolio company based on non-Israeli IP that was licensed and “imported” by an Israeli entity.

The company’s CEO, Nimrod Bin-Nun, shares his excitement on the recent partnership with eHealth Ventures: “We are very happy to receive the support and funding from eHealth Ventures. eHealth Ventures digital-health focus, expertise, and strategic connections will enable us to accelerate the development of our unique platform and expand our clinical efforts".

Assaf Gur adds: "We are looking forward to introducing our breakthrough solution to the market and helping millions of chronic patients around the world".

eHealth Ventures is enthusiastic about the new investment, which is an innovative company in the up-in-coming Technology. eHealth Ventures VP BD Ophir Shahaf commented: “Home monitoring for lung diseases is an underserved area and we are happy to invest in this innovative company, based on foreign IP, that will make full use of the funding and unique strategic support we provide. We see this field as a strong driver of growth, and we trust Assaf and Nimrod, an excellent management team, to lead RespirAI to success”.

About eHealth Ventures:

eHealth Ventures is a multinational consortium of world-class medical organizations, industry leaders, and seasoned financial investors. Partners include Maccabi – Israel’s leading HMO, the Israeli Innovation Authority (IIA), Amgen – a global biotechnology leader, Medison Pharma – a leading Israeli pharmaceutical company and SCI – a major Chinese VC fund. eHV is focused on Digital Diagnostics and Home Care, has reviewed over 1200 projects and invested in 14 innovative companies.

For additional information contact: info@ehv.health

For more information:

Nimrod Bin-Nun, CEO RespirAI: nimrod@respirai.com
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