Ophthalmic Sciences Begins Clinical Trial, Financing Round
Tel-Aviv, November 24th, 2021

Ophthalmic Sciences, an eHealth Ventures portfolio company announces it will start a clinical study to validate its game-changing glaucoma monitoring technology in 2 leading centers in Israel, while raising funds to accelerate R&D and commercialization activities.

Glaucoma is a chronic eye disease that affects 3.5% of the population and is caused by elevated Intraocular Pressure (IOP). Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of blindness globally, however, the primary method of measuring a patient’s IOP includes an exam conducted in a physician’s office, in which an instrument comes into direct contact with the eye to obtain a measurement – cumbersome, inconvenient and costly.

This method of measurement is not only unpleasant for the patient, but also produces inaccurate IOP levels over time. The IOP levels fluctuate downward throughout the day and doctors’ visits occur once every three to six months at most, thus, a single point IOP measurement is not representative of the patient’s status.

Ophthalmic Sciences seeks to address this global glaucoma problem. They have developed a visor that functions as an at-home device to measure IOP levels in the eye with no required support from a physician or nurse. The device has two cameras that scan the eyes for about ninety seconds. An algorithm then analyzes the scans and gives an accurate reading of a patient’s eye pressure levels.
Instead of undergoing an uncomfortable procedure every few months at the doctor, glaucoma patients can now receive hands-free daily eye pressure readings from the comfort of their home.

Ophthalmic Sciences’ visor has the potential to revolutionize the way glaucoma is diagnosed and treated in millions of patients. Ophthalmic Sciences’ CEO Ariel Weinstein comments on the industry potential of the set, saying “I believe that once we receive regulatory approval, we should see major interest from companies in the eye care field, who would be excited about our product and would like this kind of technology as a complement.”

Ophthalmic Sciences is now undergoing a series of clinical studies in Israel, and their revolutionary innovation and technique is drawing the attention of many leading doctors as well as digital health and medical device investors in the field. Ophthalmic Sciences is on track to complete this phase of the clinical study within the upcoming months and then plans to continue onto a clinical study in the United States.

For more information:
Ariel Weinstein, CEO   Ophthalmic Sciences    ariel@op-sci.com

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