eHealth Ventures welcomes BrainWatch, a Digital Pupillometry Diagnostic Solution, into the eHV Portfolio

Tel Aviv, October 26, 2020  –  eHealth Ventures, the leading Digital Health incubator in Israel, announced its investment in the latest portfolio company: BrainWatch Tech.  BrainWatch is developing a continuous pupil reflex monitoring solution designed to minimize further damage caused by traumatic brain injuries or strokes.

After a traumatic brain injury (TBI) or stroke, monitoring the patient’s neurological condition is critical to prevent a “secondary insult” – damage caused by the physiologic responses to the initial brain injury.  Pupillary examinations detect abnormalities in the pupil that indicate cranial swelling; a key factor of worsening brain damage. Early detection of neurological deterioration can prevent a second insult and improve recoveries thus reducing the number of patients living with a chronic brain injury.  Treatment and long-term care of brain trauma patients represent a tremendous expense of approximately $100b annually in the United States alone.

Currently, manual pupillary examinations are limited – they cannot be performed continuously and are subject to human error.  As such, acute changes in brain function, during surgery or hospitalization, may be missed as they happen, increasing the chances of further damage and limited recovery.

The BrainWatch solution continuously monitors pupillary activity in unconscious patients through closed eyes, immediately alerting surgeons and ICU staff to changes in the patient’s condition.

“Approximately 1.0 million people suffer a severe traumatic brain injury in the US and EU, with TBI-related emergency cases accounting for the deaths of about 56,000 people annually in the US alone,” said BrainWatch CEO, Ilan Carmel.  “With BrainWatch, a patients’ pupillary reaction is continuously monitored, alerting staff of changes as they occur, improving neurological monitoring.  The aim is to provide better clinical outcomes in severely brain-damaged patients while simultaneously freeing up doctors and nurses to provide better care.”

Talor Sax, CEO of eHealth Ventures added “BrainWatch is developing a groundbreaking solution for a true unmet need. ICU expenses are extremely high and an autonomous monitoring system will improve patient care while cutting these expenses. We are happy to collaborate with two blue-chip institutions such as Hadassah and HUJI and we expect rapid value appreciation of the company’s assets.”


To learn more, click here.

Or contact Ilan Carmel, CEO of BrainWatch at ilan@brainwatch.tech

For eHealth Ventures, contact ophir@ehv.health


Israel’s leading Digital Health early-stage investor builds new company with the Hadassah Medical Center and the Hebrew University in Jerusalem  

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