eHealth Ventures Invests in its 13th Portfolio Company, Skelable – Developers of a Holistic Tele-rehabilitation Solution

Tel Aviv, November 5, 2020  –  eHealth Ventures, the leading Digital Health incubator in Israel, announced its latest investment – Skelable. Skelable is creating an advanced robotics treatment system that allows stroke patients to pursue advanced rehabilitation and recovery therapeutics at the point of care and also from the comfort of their home.

800,000 Americans suffer a stroke annually and that number will continue to grow to 1.2M by 2025.  Cost-prohibitive treatments along with overworked therapists, lead to low adherence and poorer rehabilitation outcomes.

Robotics and AI deliver better recoveries
Skelable’s exoskeletal robotic glove, powered by AI-driven data and insights, will introduce a more effective and affordable recovery solution for patients, therapists, and coverage providers.Patients ….Will experience greater autonomy  – get more treatments at the hospital and continue to improve with in-home treatments that learn and adapt to patient progress. Continuous monitoring will keep therapists alerted to patient progress and changes.  Continuous monitoring allows the therapist to adjust treatments in real-time, optimizing the recovery process.Therapists ….Can provide group and/or individual treatments in-clinic or remotely in real-time, providing more specialized care while freeing up in-clinic hours for those patients who need in-person consultation.

HMOs ….Will benefit from reduced expenses, more effective treatments, and less in-clinic congestion.“In the US alone, stroke therapeutic treatments are going through the roof, reaching $7.5b annually,” said Avi Werner, CEO of Skelable. “We’re aiming to dramatically reduce the cost of stroke rehabilitation while easing the strain on the patient, therapist, and healthcare provider.  This, along with continuous monitoring and adaptive learning, will create a better path of recovery for more patients while lightening the burden for therapists and the HMO.”

Talor Sax, CEO of eHealth Ventures, added “Post-stroke rehabilitation is an underserved sector of neurology. Skelable is a game-changing company that introduces strong AI abilities combined with advanced robotics and telemedicine capabilities. This will greatly improve patient care – allowing more hours of treatment (including at home) at a fraction of the cost. COVID-19 is another growth driver for this type of solution and we are sure that Skelable will create significant value for all its stakeholders – patients, providers, payers and investors.”

To learn more:

Contact Avi Werner, CEO of Skelable at avi@skelable.com

For eHealth Ventures, contact ophir@ehv.health


Israel’s leading Digital Health early-stage investor welcomes Skelable, an AI-driven robotics treatment for stroke patients.

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