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​Clinical Problem / Unmet Need
Billions of people around the world lack access to a proper diagnostic because they live too far from a clinic or simply they can’t afford it.

The basic test required throughout the world to the patient that comes with fever and suspicion of bacterial infection is the execution of a blood count. There is a high importance to depriving bacterial infection and refraining from administering unnecessary antibiotics in the event of viral infection only or other parasitology infectious. The most reliable test for locating or rule out a bacterial infectious disease is CBC, which is also the most common blood test in the world. Existing methods today have 24 to 72 hours in response to the count. The delayed diagnostic causes to over-treatment with antibiotic. An unnecessary treatment on the one causes the development of AMR – Antimicrobial resistance, on the other hand, poor treatment and worsening the patient’s condition. No solution today which is accurate, accessible and affordable enough allowing these lab-quality tests through real-time blood tests where ever is needed.

Proposed Solution
EfA’s product: RevDx (Revolutionary Diagnostics), is a mobile, portable, handheld, end-point solution that includes an innovative method to perform an automatic computerized “microscopy like” inspection, including a whole blood sampling and an automatic diagnosis of blood count and other applications to be followed. The product is an easy-to-operate, based on a finger prick and without the need for laboratory conditions and specific preparations. For example, you will be able to make a real-time informed decision about the unnecessary use of antibiotic treatment and the necessity of continued clarification. This product will be an essential device for every point-of-need around the world.
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