Mind’sEye Diagnostics
Mind’sEye Diagnostics provides a mobile system for diagnosis
and monitoring of ADHD based on eye Biomarkers.
Clinical Problem / Unmet Need
Today, ADHD diagnosis is subjective and based on questionnaires. It leads to 20% of misdiagnosed which leads to prescribing the wrong medication.

Proposed Solution
Mind’sEye mobile platform is an objective diagnosis system based on eye biomarkers. The system identifies eye patterns that are unique to ADHD and provides the doctor with MEAS – Mind’sEye Attention Score according to which he can diagnose ADHD
The mobile system enables patients, for the first time, to monitor their ADHD throughout the day, see how medication or other activities affect their attention level and act accordingly.
It’s fast, accurate, reliable and affordable for all anywhere, anytime!
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