Derma detect
Technology for analyzing non-pigmented skin lesions and acute diseases on digital images, enabling potential solutions and management.
Clinical Problem / Unmet Need
100% of the population will develop skin abnormality during their lifetime, 31% will have a significant skin disease deserving a medical attention, WHILE more than 50% won‘t receive an accurate diagnosis / fast treatment.
  • Less than 2% of dermatology issues are related to pigmentary skin lesions
  • 15% of the UK population consult their GP for skin complaints each year, occupying 10% of a GP‘s time
  • In the UK it takes more than half a YEAR to get an appointment with dermatology professional, in third world countries it might take years
  • Dermatology technologies market is expected to reach $20.4 Billion in 2020
  • Dermatology telemedicine segment is expected to reach $12 Billion in 4 years
Proposed Solution
We enable a non-intrusive solution for professional healthcare applications, as well as consumer & non-medical professionals to self-diagnose & treat skin disorders. We strive to establish a direct connection between patient, professional, HMO & Pharma.
Using an app to automatically detect skin problems can become an industry standard, and will in many cases dramatically increase your chances to survive, as well as improve your well-being by offering a treatment and/or connecting you to the closest physician.
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Eugene Dicker
Co-Founder & CEO
Prof. Arieh Ingber
Dermatology Scientific Advisor and Co-Founder
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