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The world’s first pupil imaging system – automated, contact-free and through closed eyes
This project will advance the understanding of the molecular basis of Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML), one of the most aggressive blood cancers. The project will establish a national registry of Israeli AML patients, including clinical data as well as genetic and molecular characteristics, and the drug responsiveness of patient-derived AML cells. The resulting unique integrated database will be available to attending physicians for the purpose of optimizing AML treatment in a personalized manner.
Clinical Problem / Unmet Need
Head injury & Stroke is a leading cause of death & disability worldwide. It has a large economic cost on society, including direct and indirect medical costs.
The primary goal in the management of brain injured patients in the ICU is to prevent a secondary insult to the brain.
Early detection of neurological deterioration in patients with brain injury is a key point for improved outcomes & recovery.
Pupillary light reflex examination is an important, non-invasive diagnostic tool for neurological assessment in critical care units.
Pupillary examination provides valuable information in the assessment of brain damage. It has a strong correlation to increased Intracranial pressure.
Current standard of care pupillary assessment is done manually & Intermittently by the nursing staff, using a penlight and a ruler.
Critical care patients with severe brain injury, sedated and ventilated or in a comatose state, require constant pupillary examination to monitor any changes in their neurological condition.
Proposed Solution
Real time, continuous & automatic pupil reflex monitoring for assessing neurological status of unconscious, patients in:
 – Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
 – Stroke
 – Brain Surgery
We are developing the first real-time, automated, pupil imaging system through closed eyes.
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