Leading Investments in Early-Stage Digital Health Companies
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Reviewed over 1500 companies, invested in 17
Unmatched assets as a basis for a unique investment vehicle
We utilize our unique structure and capabilities to scout, invest and build value in Digital Health companies
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Exclusive focus on Digital Health
In-house specialization on patient-centric products and technologies (Dx, Rx, Home Care)
Innovation Authority franchise
The franchise allows the partnership to run a digital health incubator at least until 2024 with non-dilutive funding
Providing a “success package“
companies enjoy access to R&D, Marketing, BD, Legal and IP expertise + full infrastructure 
Multinational Healthcare Partnership
We collaborate with global healthcare leaders to connect our companies to target markets
What are we looking for
We are proactive! Seeking game-changers in
Digital Health, where we add significant value
An unmet need is important, but not sufficient. What is the product? Who will pay for it and why? How and why is it better than the myriad of alternatives out there
Early, or even pre-early stage is good! We can handle the risk and we can supply the full "suceess package" to push the project forward: R&D, BD, IP, Legal, Regul, Finance and more
A "me too" company does not sit well with us... We need to see functional as well as technological innovation so that our partners and us are convinced that this is a true game-changer solving a real clinical program
A niche can be highly profitable but will not survive the market forces in the long run. We realize Israel has a great "sand box" situation for early stage innovation, but still strive to connect all our companies to the ultimate target markets. Our strategic partners' help is invaluable
Technology is important but the success boils down to people. NOT a cliche - the team will "make or break" the company. IP is the mark of defendable innovation and is the main asset of an early-stage venture
A result-driven entrepreneur will build the plan to the next "fundable milestone"  - what are the assets that will drive the next financing round? Our job is to help him build and execute this work-plan
We move fast and push our companies to move faster.
Timing is everything - we get it.
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